Pocket Space Empire (4X, turn based, space empire builder, for PC)
STATUS: EarlyAccess, Greenlit, planned release 1st quarter of 2016

QuickQuest Roguelike, Free (I made it decades ago, don't ask about secrets or anything, I don't remember)

Europe1300 (realistic, historical, medieval sim)
Lords (medieval, historical, competitive, strategy)
Samurai & Ninja MMORPG (feudal japan, RPG / simulartion)
Moonstone RPG (fantasy, RPG)


They told me I should write something about me. I have no clue why anyone would want to dwell into boring stuff about the poor dev before playing his game, but oh well, there are so many weirdos on this planet that who knows, maybe they need it. So, here we go, I'm Chris from Poland and I make games (as if you have not noticed by now by this page's content). I have been doing it since I was a kid, but unlike other, smarter, kids I have never stopped. So, now I'm an old geezer with more than 25 years of experience in this stuff and I'm here to seduce you into trying one (or more) of my games. Oh yes, hobbies, one should write about hobbies in such place, so yes, I have hobbies too.

photo: Grzegorz Markowski

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